Consignment Service

One of our popular services is our consignment service. When time and pricing do not follow our customers needs we are available to work for the customer on a consignment basis.

Aleco's trained sales staff will work to sell your used equipment over a pre determined time frame. We can leave the equipment in plant or store it in one of Aleco's showrooms. We perform this service on fixed commissions.

Why use Aleco?

Day and night we sell used machinery. This is all we do. We have sold most types of metalworking machines and are in tune with the marketplace. Chances are, when your machinery is consigned to us, we already have a potential home in mind.

You will find that Aleco does not nickel and dime our customers. All costs are explained up front and our customers have input on how we complete the sale.

One thing you will find that differentiates us from the competition is that we communicate with our customers. We inform them on the progress of the sale and work on new ways to make the sale more attractive to the potential buyer.

Try Aleco on your next consignment item, you wont be disappointed!

Call (414) 264-5848 or e-mail with questions.

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